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Radical Sun Systems is a solar company founded in 2010, by a former Mobile Telecom Director seeking to identify and remedy all the trouble spots of modern solar technology.


Solar in a Box by Radical Sun Systems is a revolutionary solar system powered by proprietary CPV technology, used in commercial and utility grade installations around the world.


Radical Sun brings the same CPV technology to the residential market. Solar in a Box is one of many products offered by RSS.
CPV, or Concentrated Photovoltaics, uses highly specialized mirrors and lenses to convert sunlight into electricity. This gives CPV a much higher efficiency rating than PV, or Photovoltaic solar panels. Solar in a Box's CPV modules require much less operating space and do not require interconnection permissions from the utility companies, but instead connect directly into the home's electric breaker. 
Our panels sit on trackers that follow the exact movement of the sun, maximizing the customer's solar harvest. Each package also includes a monitoring device called Solar Genius which enables the real time management of the solar generators.

RSS through the use of (UI), is able to use inexpensive “punch out" manufacturing processes to make its optics thanks in part to UI’s geometry, its tolerance for tracking error is increased by one order of magnitude. Therefore, RSS’s cost per installed kW at 50% savings to existing solar technology, from $2/Watt to $1/Watt. Critically RSS can deliver electricity at <$.005/kWh making it more cost effective than even coal produced electricity.

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John Niebuhr

Business Development Manager



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