smart solar solutions

saving the planet should save you money



our latest clean energy solution


Solar in a Box is the most affordable solar system on the market!


With an industry leading efficiency rating, take up a quarter of the space.

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zero down   

for hoa's and commercial

Radical Sun System's record breaking technology is installed in commercial and utility grade installations in 18 countries worldwide.

Radical Sun storage 

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Store your solar energy for use at night,

or to stay off the grid completely.


Keep your power on

with solar and storage when power outages occur.

“I love the way the panels move with the sun. And I can see how much electricity I'm making anytime I like.”

Roger Eshelman, Van Nuys

Radical sun Solar Accessories

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Enjoy a wide array of solar products from Radical Sun Systems.

Whether you want a portable system for your RV or a large commercial installation, we have everything you need.